DogTV for Dog Boredom?



I regret to inform the world that my dog will not be watching Time Warner’s new cable channel DogTV which was launched this past Monday.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t own a dog, but if I did she wouldn’t be watching the channel.  Supposedly DogTV will be the ideal baby sitter for Fido.

“Loving our dogs so much, we feel guilty when we leave them home alone,” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of DogTV.  DogTV provides customized television entertainment while the rest of the family is away at work or too busy to play.’

Our family has owned a couple of dogs over the years.  Molly, the best dog in the whole world, as my family liked to call her,(and Sam’s predecessor) was by far one of our favorite dogs.  Molly was part Blue Tick Heeler, Cattle Dog and Labrador retriever; at least that was our veterinarian’s best guess.

Molly was a year old stray when we adopted her. She was a bit wild from living on the streets and so every time we opened the back door, she bolted down the alley and around the block. We chased her almost every day for six months straight.

We eventually moved to a new house near a large wooded area which satisfied Molly’s wild streak.  She roamed the 17 acre woods next to our home chasing squirrels to her heart’s content and “herded” our kids when they were in our backyard.  She barked at the crows circling overhead who responded by dive bombing and cawing at her.   She stood her ground with those crows, guarding us with her life.

Molly was never bored or lonely. She entertained herself running through the woods, chasing the squirrels and barking at crows.  For the most part, Molly didn’t need us except to feed and water her and to give her a pat on head with a “Molly, you’re the best dog in the world,” compliment.  No doubt her breed contributed to her independent nature. Many dogs aren’t outdoor types or quite as independent.

DogTV might be the solution for some dog’s boredom, but Molly would never put up with sitting around watching television when there were crows to bark at and squirrels to chase. She might even growl at us if we  mentioned it to her, perhaps it might remind her of the crows circling overhead.


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