Sam and His Twin Have a Reunion


Sam hadn’t seen his twin in four months. Now Sam and his brother, Kingston, were having their first family reunion.  Typical of family reunions, the anticipation of their seeing each other was probably more exciting than the actual event.

Sam had no idea he was going to see his brother. He didn’t primp, get a haircut or try to lose a bunch of weight, like humans often do prior to reunions.  He thought he was just cruising along with his ears blowing in the wind, as we drove to Kingston’s house.   When my son and I saw the Sam look-a-like dog in the front yard we knew we were at the right place.

At first the puppies were curiously excited to see another, but within a couple of minutes, their play changed into a new level of intensity…one that was hard to define. Was this happiness or irritation?

Perhaps like old relatives catching up at a reunion, Kingston and Sam were remembering back to earlier times…

Kingston: “I remember how Sam chased his tail and knocked over our water bowl.  Boy was that stupid.”

Sam:  “I hope Kingston doesn’t bite me on the ear…he always bit me when he was mad.”

Both dogs played rough, chased and nipped at one another.  Maybe that’s what happens at family reunions.

I remember one family reunion when my five year old cousin fell from the top of a twenty foot high slide.  Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt, but to this day, we don’t know what caused him to fall.  Did he get a good shove from a revengeful second cousin once removed or a disgruntled third cousin on his father’s mother’s side?  We’ll probably never know…

Our family reunions always involved “incidents.”  Like the time one of my cousins told grandma that her third cousin Hubert had kicked the bucket the year before.  My family had a strict policy of never telling grandma if anybody in the family had died.  Grandma’s side of the family had the longevity genes so she just kept outliving all her relatives.

If she asked why someone was missing from the family reunion, we’d lie through our teeth telling her the relative was sick or on vacation….a long vacation.

When grandma finally died at 98 years old we all wondered if she really knew she’d died or maybe thought she was on vacation…a long vacation.

At this one particular reunion, my cousin slipped up big time and answered grandma’s question truthfully; her third cousin Hubert had died.   Poor grandma took it so hard she refused to eat dessert.  The family reunion ended abruptly that year.

Sam and Kingston continued to nip and play rough, but maybe it was to be expected. After all, this was a family reunion….



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