Chewing Ice Can Be Stressful


Sam chews ice...

So, I did a little research on chewing ice. Believe it or not, there’s a medical term for it.  It’s called, “Pica. “

Pica is defined as craving or chewing stuff that has no nutritional value to it.

Wait a minute; doesn’t water have some nutritional value? Not according to this article. The last part of the article grabbed my attention. Pica could be a sign of emotional problems such as stress.

Whoa. It’s true Sam does suffer from emotional stress…  over tennis balls. Maybe that’s why he begs for ice!

When Sam has a tennis ball in his mouth he does goofy things…like pushing the ball under our sofa and then whining for us to get it for him.   He might be part retriever, but I end up doing all the retrieving.

He also gets stressed out about people.  When friends come over he goes nuts and that’s certainly stressful to watch. I don’t  think ice chewing will fix this problem.

Seriously, I heard from a vet that dogs shouldn’t chew ice cubes. It can break their teeth, just like it does in human teeth.

So, from now on Sam’s gonna lay off ice cubes…hope he doesn’t get stressed out by this news.

Check out the link for a healthy doggie chew alternative that can be made  at home.



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