Sam and Self Control


A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. (Proverbs 25:28 ESV)

Sam really loves to climb. One of his favorite  places to climb is on a lounge chair to watch the traffic.  Sometimes he just lays in the lounge chair and barks…he’s very laid back about his barking. 

Sam also likes to climb in the house. I found him checking out the kitchen counter by standing on the little step stool.  We’re wondering if he’s part goat…because of climbing and all.

He certainly is the “scapegoat” around our house. He has the sort of the proverbial, “dog ate my homework” kind of role.   If something is missing, we wonder aloud if Sam got it or Sam ate it.  Poor Sam… it really is hard being the youngest in the family.















But he does deserve some of the blame because he really lacks self control when it comes to food.  He’s dangerously eager to eat just about anything.  This morning, I found some cilantro stems in his bed. Hmm, perhaps he had a midnight snack?    I’ve caught him munching on band aids, twist ties, plastic papers and rubber bands.   We’re watching him closely to make sure he doesn’t eat the homework or any other inedible item around the house.

Because well, a dog isn’t exactly like a man (or woman) who lacks self control( control over his or her heart and spirit)  but a dog without self control could certainly eat the homework… maybe even break down a wall.


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