Sam Eats the Shepherd


Sheepish Sam“And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.” (Luke 2:8 )

As many of you know, we had a bit of a tragedy here at our house last week. I’m using the term “tragedy” very loosely of course; it was actually more of a sad episode of death by dog.

We’ve set up our Fisher Price Nativity set during  Christmas season for the past 20 years.   It’s a child friendly plastic set which our six kids played with every Christmas.  The FP nativity always sat in the middle of the living room on our coffee table where it was happily handled and rearranged over and over.

Vintage Christmas Nativity

Many conversations revolved around the nativity and questions often stumped me. For instances:  Why do angels have wings, why does only one wise man have brown skin (thank you Fisher Price for getting this right), why does Mary have her eyes closed and so on… I didn’t always know these answers, but it never seemed to matter too much. We all love the Nativity set.

The nativity survived army men attacks, nerf gun wars, play dough and sticky fingers. Babies chewed on it…we have teeth marks to prove it and one of the members disappeared for a short time, but the FP nativity set  survived it all.   That was until Sam came along…

Sam was extremely nosy about all the Christmas decorations. He sniffed everything.  We finally shooed him off to his kennel so we could finish decorating.  Unfortunately, none of us saw Sam swipe the shepherd as he trotted past the coffee table with the nativity set.

Fifteen minutes later, I found the half eaten shepherd in Sam’s cage with Sam looking rather uh,  sheepish…..pardon the pun.

Shepherd meets his demiseIt’s curious to me why Sam picked out the shepherd. Was it a random act or a purposeful choice?

My guess is that Sam distrusted any nativity guy with a stick in his hand. If I was a dog I think I’d eat that fat little angel with the goofy looking wings, it’s just so unbiblical.

Whatever the reason our  nativity set will never be the same without the shepherd.   I can’t replace the shepherd because the set is obsolete according to the internet….so we’ll just have to live with the fact that Sam ate the shepherd.


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