Government Shut Down Affects Sam


In the midst of the government shut down Sam has initiated some cut backs.  He has basically cut back on non-essential commands because they lack funding.  Now, funding for Sam is spelled T-R-E-A-T-S.


Food is a great motivator for him, but I don’t always give him treats.  He gets praise or tummy rubs instead…but obviously that’s not enough for him. He refuses to talk with us-sort of a “my way or the by way” attitude.

Of course, the government shutdown is to blame (somehow) and although Sam hasn’t revealed his political preferences, he’s heard that politics can be very “dog-eat-dog”…and that makes him very NERVOUS!

Fortunately, he won’t be running for office any time soon….that’s reassuring. We hope the non-essential commands will be reinstated soon- we miss Sam’s tricks and we have the necessary funding ready to go.


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