Sam Can’t Eat Mor Chikin…

Who would have thought—Sam is allergic to chicken!cone3

Dogs get allergies just like people and these allergies often develop slowly over time. Sam displayed some minor allergic reactions to the environment and because chicken is a common allergy food for many breeds— it safe to say he’s probably allergic to the chicken (a primary ingredient) in his dog food.

Sam has heard that chickens are “fowl” so he’s not surprised he’s allergic to them.

His paws are bright red and itchy–this causes him to lick and chew his feet until they bleed.  He’s had several ear infections which the vet says is due to this same allergy.  Poor baby!

Sam is wearing the “cone of shame” until his feet clear up. He’s also on allergy meds—so he’s sleepy and a little pie eyed.

cone of shame2

Sam says he’s needs lots of extra treats (non-chicken type) to make up for the emotional wear and tear he’s experiencing. He also wants more allergy meds….silly Sam.

The great dog food hunt is on…no chikin or lamb—instead we’re searching for dog foods that contain salmon, fish or beef. Of course, the dog foods with these ingredients tend to be the most expensive, but good ole Sam offered to get a job to help pay for his expensive dog food.

He’s looking for a job as a dog treat taster—no chikin, of course.

Thanks Sam!


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