Sam Lives With A Pack of Humans…..



Sam lives with a pack of humans. Every dog knows humans are extremely dangerous and hard to control, but Sam is doing the best he can to live with his humans…

Humans can be often downright frustrating.  For instances, one particular human in Sam’s household (we won’t mention any names) likes to rearrange the furniture especially in the main room where Sam hangs out.  Sometimes Sam’s cage gets moved because of the new arrangement.  Sam finds it very frustrating when he’s told to get into his cage and he can’t remember where the darn thing is….

Sam knows that humans should be approached cautiously, especially  little humans who come for a visit. Little humans make a lot of noise and run fast, but usually they taste pretty good when he licks their face.  Sam thinks little humans just need a few obedience classes and they would be great pets.

Sam’s friend, Charlie, lives next door. Charlie is a seven year old Lab mix who has free roam of his two acre property.  Sam and Charlie like to share stories about the crazy things their humans do like accidentally burning a field (definitely dangerous) or falling off a ladder (definitely not smart).  Sam and Charlie agree that it’s kind of nice to have humans around because they’re extremely entertaining.

Sam loves tummy rubs. Sam has mastered the art of falling on the floor on his back at a human’s feet. The human will automatically bend down to rub his tummy–it works every time.  Sam congratulates himself on his ability to teach his humans to obey, without even giving them a treat. Smart Sam…


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