Sam Breaks Out!

Sam has a fascination with the world outside his backyard. Everything outside his fence looks more fun than everything inside his fence.

Sam's view1

In the past, when Sam got bored, he ran up the playhouse ladder to the wooden landing on top. Like a giant bird, he gazed down on the world below barking occasionally just to let everyone know he was guarding the yard.

Sam also loafed on picnic table looking for crumbs left over from the latest cookout. Sitting up there on the picnic table made it easier for him guard the backyard with little effort.  Needless to say, Sam has an “elevated” view of himself.   sam-smiles-at-his-cleverness

But he took his boredom to a new level recently when he opened the gate and escaped to the world beyond his fence.

Sam’s humans weren’t sure how he’d done it…they speculated that he’d jumped the fence, but Sam would never try to scale a four foot fence. Sam says he’s smarter than that!

It wasn’t until one of his humans actually watched him hit the lock with his paw and pull the gate open that they knew how he’d done it.

Of course, they commented how smart he was, but Sam didn’t get any credit for being smart. He got scolded and sent inside. Sam thinks humans are hard to please. 

So, Sam’s human moved the lock so Sam can’t open the gate anymore. Sam hopes his humans are happy. He’s safely in the backyard….bored to tears, but safe.

                                                               Well, maybe….

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