Sam Likes Paw Patrol

Is it any surprise that Sam likes Paw Patrol? Paw Patrol is a popular kids’ show about five rescue dogs that work together to protect their community. Each of the five heroic dogs have special skills that help them in the rescues.

Sam is pretty sure he could be a heroic dog too if his humans would let him.  He thinks his humans underestimate his special skills.Sam's long nose

Sam demonstrated one of his “special” skills recently when he broke out of his fenced in back yard.  He thought it was a pretty cool skill, but his humans were unimpressed.

Now Sam must stay on his leash every time he goes outside. His humans are all grumbly about this….

And so is Sam….

So, he’s decided to use his special skills for good, not evil.  Sam now plays Paw Patrol with his Grandpup. Of course, he knows that,  “no pup is too small” to play with.   Good boy, Sam!

Sam gets instructions on how to play

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