Sam the Furry Vacuum

Sam is the resident, furry vacuum in his house. It’s a tough job cleaning up all the crumbs dropped by the grand pups, but Sam is ready to the do the hard work.

Sam knows he can’t “vacuum up” until his humans finish with their meal. Then he moves in with the precision of a surgeon picking up scraps as if his life depended upon it. To see him, you’d think his humans didn’t feed him. But according to the vet, his humans feed him too well…he needs to lose weight. Sam is sure the vet is exaggerating about his weight.

Sadly, studies reveal that our dogs are getting fatter. Currently, 45% of all dogs in the U.S. are overweight! Sam, are you listening? Overweight dogs are more likely to get diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, lung problems, high blood pressure and cancer.

With all the crumbs to clean up in his house, Sam wonders who has time for a diet? But Sam’s human knows better. She’s cut back his food just a bit and walks him more. But don’t tell his Sam….

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