Sam the Furry Vacuum

Sam is the resident, furry vacuum in his house. It’s a tough job cleaning up all the crumbs dropped by the grand pups, but Sam is ready to the do the hard work.

Sam knows he can’t “vacuum up” until his humans finish with their meal. Then he moves in with the precision of a surgeon picking up scraps as if his life depended upon it. To see him, you’d think his humans didn’t feed him. But according to the vet, his humans feed him too well…he needs to lose weight. Sam is sure the vet is exaggerating about his weight.

Sadly, studies reveal that our dogs are getting fatter. Currently, 45% of all dogs in the U.S. are overweight! Sam, are you listening? Overweight dogs are more likely to get diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, lung problems, high blood pressure and cancer.

With all the crumbs to clean up in his house, Sam wonders who has time for a diet? But Sam’s human knows better. She’s cut back his food just a bit and walks him more. But don’t tell his Sam….

Ten Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Limping

beagle pictureSuddenly your dog is limping for no apparent reason…what happened? Here are 10 possible reasons…

Wounded paws-Check to see if your dog has any cuts, scrapes or puncture wounds on his paws. Most of the time, these problems can be treated with a topical antibiotic ointment.

Overgrown toenails- Too long of toenails can cause dogs to limp.  This is more common in older dogs. If your dog’s toenails have gotten too long they will break and then get infected.  The nails need to be cut properly and kept clean. Breaks in your dog’s nails may require minor surgery to fix the nail and remove the infection.

An minor accident-Accidents or trauma may cause your dog to limp. Often the injury seems minimal,but over time there can be degeneration of the ligament or disc that could lead to limping or lameness.  If your dog is in an accident, be sure to get it checked out by your veterinarian. Your vet will do an x-ray to check for broken bones.

Sprained muscles or damaged ligaments-Your vet can diagnosis a sprain or damaged ligament in your dog. He or she might prescribe limited exercise for your dog as well as some anti-inflammatory medications to help ease the pain. Never give your dog human anti-inflammatory medications; they could be deadly for your pet.   

Arthritis-Your dog can develop arthritis, often referred to as osteoarthritis, as she ages. Activities such as climbing stairs or walking on a leash can be painful for your dog.

Hip dysplasia-Dogs often get hip dysplasia especially as they age. Typically the limping is worse on one side. This is an inherited problem that is because of abnormal looseness between the ball and socket of the hip. The structure does not fit tightly, causing pain or arthritis.

vet cares for dog

Bone tumor-Another serious reason for limping is due to a tumor in the bone. The first sign of a tumor is sometimes limping. These tumors can be hard to diagnose. They are usually near a leg joint.  They are found by x-raying the area. Sometimes surgery and even amputation is required.

Myositis-Myositis is a chronic muscle inflammation. It’s an autoimmune disease in which a dog’s immune system attacks its own muscles and connective tissues. This disease usually attacks your pet’s leg muscles. It often has flare-ups, getting better and then worse at random times. Your vet will need to put your dog on anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain and swelling.

Parasite borne diseases-Dogs can get Lyme disease from tick bites. One of the first symptoms of this disease in a dog is limping or lameness. Your vet will do a blood test to determine if your dog has a parasite borne disease.

Bites and stings-A bite on your dog’s paw from a spider, snake, or bee sting can become infected causing your dog to limp. If your dog has been outside and suddenly starts limping, check his paws carefully for any signs of a bite.  Also, check for stingers or other imbedded objects that might have gotten into your dog’s paw.

Limping can be a serious problem for your dog. Don’t delay to get your dog the help she needs if this occurs.
“Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well.”  – Bonnie Wilcox

Go Sam Go

Racing dogs

Recently, Sam’s cousin, Mason, stayed for the weekend.  If you remember Mason moved to the city a couple of years back.  Because poor cousin Mason lives his life on a leash now, he’s eager to get outside for some fun with Sam when he visits. Fun usually includes chasing one another around the patio again and again…

Sneaking around the corner dog

and again…

Resting dogs

until you drop. Tired dogs.

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” Andy Rooney

Sam On A Box

As we all know, Sam has an overactive imagination. He’s pretty sure bad guys, or bad squirrels, will show up in our backyard at any moment.  Because of this, he’s on guard whenever he goes outside…which is a lot.

Sam on a box 2

But actually guarding our yard isn’t enough for Sam. He feels the need to guard the sidewalk across the street… never know when those sneaky bad squirrels might show up, so it pays to watch the entire neighborhood. Perched high on his box, he’s able to view his world, sort of like a king on this throne overseeing his kingdom.

King Sam rules his domain very seriously. He’s no respecter of persons or animals.  He barks at joggers and walkers. And of course, he barks at squirrels and anything that moves.

Don’t tell Sam I told you this, but  I’m not sure whether he’s barking to warn us or because he’s afraid. I won’t ask him. Whatever the reason, Sam feels important….so  we’re encouraging his sense of responsibility. Because who wants an irresponsible dog around the house? 

Good boy, Sam! 


Sam Likes Paw Patrol

Is it any surprise that Sam likes Paw Patrol? Paw Patrol is a popular kids’ show about five rescue dogs that work together to protect their community. Each of the five heroic dogs have special skills that help them in the rescues.

Sam is pretty sure he could be a heroic dog too if his humans would let him.  He thinks his humans underestimate his special skills.Sam's long nose

Sam demonstrated one of his “special” skills recently when he broke out of his fenced in back yard.  He thought it was a pretty cool skill, but his humans were unimpressed.

Now Sam must stay on his leash every time he goes outside. His humans are all grumbly about this….

And so is Sam….

So, he’s decided to use his special skills for good, not evil.  Sam now plays Paw Patrol with his Grandpup. Of course, he knows that,  “no pup is too small” to play with.   Good boy, Sam!

Sam gets instructions on how to play

Sam Tests Blue Dog Bakery Treats

Sam has a job. This past week Blue Dog Bakery asked Sam to taste test their Pumpkin and Gingerbread dog treats. Sam’s motto in life is “T-R-E-A-T-S” so it was no huge surprise that he took the job.  When the Blue Dog Bakery box arrives…Sam is on the job.

The BD box arrives Sam is on the job

The Pumpkin biscuits are made with real pumpkin for sensitive stomachs, whole wheat flour, and cane molasses for that wonderful fresh-baked smell.

The Gingerbread treats are packed with extra hygiene benefits, made to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath.

Surrounded by BD treats...a happy taste tester

Sam is surrounded by Blue Dog Bakery treats…he’s a happy taste tester.  Sam decides to invite his cousin, Mason, to try Blue Dog Treats.  Of course, Mason comes over right away.

Mason hopped in the car and came over as soon...

Sam says share with relatives…even if they’re cuter than you.

Mason says cuteness is easy with Blue Dog treats

Definitely cuter than Sam, Mason likes the Blue Dog Bakery treats.

taste testing at home show your pics

Mason especially likes the Blue Dog Bakery Gingerbread treats, no grains involved. Sam loves Blue Dog Bakery treats….and he also loves his new job.

love my job

Sam, you dog.


Sam Breaks Out!

Sam has a fascination with the world outside his backyard. Everything outside his fence looks more fun than everything inside his fence.

Sam's view1

In the past, when Sam got bored, he ran up the playhouse ladder to the wooden landing on top. Like a giant bird, he gazed down on the world below barking occasionally just to let everyone know he was guarding the yard.

Sam also loafed on picnic table looking for crumbs left over from the latest cookout. Sitting up there on the picnic table made it easier for him guard the backyard with little effort.  Needless to say, Sam has an “elevated” view of himself.   sam-smiles-at-his-cleverness

But he took his boredom to a new level recently when he opened the gate and escaped to the world beyond his fence.

Sam’s humans weren’t sure how he’d done it…they speculated that he’d jumped the fence, but Sam would never try to scale a four foot fence. Sam says he’s smarter than that!

It wasn’t until one of his humans actually watched him hit the lock with his paw and pull the gate open that they knew how he’d done it.

Of course, they commented how smart he was, but Sam didn’t get any credit for being smart. He got scolded and sent inside. Sam thinks humans are hard to please. 

So, Sam’s human moved the lock so Sam can’t open the gate anymore. Sam hopes his humans are happy. He’s safely in the backyard….bored to tears, but safe.

                                                               Well, maybe….