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Sam Gator Rolls


SamSam just got his nails clipped at the vet. The technician said something about him doing gator rolls and screaming when she tried to clip his front paws. Sam thinks she must be exaggerating. He’s never seen an alligator much less rolled like one, well not until today.

Sam says it was a natural defense mechanism that kicked in when he saw the nail clippers in her hand headed towards his front paws. He just lost it.

So Sam’s human got him some pills to help him relax before the next nail clipping session. The pills will help him forget how much he hates getting his nails clipped. The pills will also help him forget everything else…which his human thinks will be entertaining.

Sam thinks humans tend to over react.


Half A Tennis Ball Can Kill You


Sam has always lived his life on the edge. Recently, he took this to a new level when he ate half a tennis ball. Whether it was from real hunger or boredom, it was a dangerous choice. After several hours, his human owner knew he was in trouble and rushed him to the vet.

Long story short…it all came out in the end.

Sam has been recuperating nicely. He’s getting lots of teary hugs from his humans who thought they’d lost him for good. Sam is enjoying his celebrity.

He plays up his near death experience with deep sighs and distance contemplative stares into space. He’s thinking of writing his memoirs.

Basically, he’s “eating up” the attention. That’s okay with his humans, as long as he isn’t eating up tennis balls.





Samuel or Sammy?


Sam is 4 months old now and going to school…not literally, but we’re teaching him lots of new things every day.  He responds to commands such as sit, stay and lie down now, but he’s still a little shaky on come.  He can sit for a full minute when I set down his food dish.  Saliva drools down his mouth while he waits…but he does wait until I tell him to eat.

Sam’s two biggest temptations in life are people and food. He especially forgets everything he’s learned when people are present.  So, we create mock training situations for Sam to learn his commands with friends and family standing around.  If you come over to our house, be prepared to participate in Sam’s latest lessons…it really does take a village to raise a puppy.

At a recommendation of a friend, we bought Sam a special collar to help him not pull so much when he’s walked.  Amazingly, the collar has unique power over him.  With the collar around his neck he becomes Samuel- a quiet, obedient and submissive dog.  If Samuel could talk, he’s say, “Oh, master, your wish is my command.” But when that collar comes off, he’s Sammy who might retort, “Heck no, I’m not listening to you!”

When I tell the kids stories about his latest lessons, they always ask, “Was that Samuel or Sammy?”  If someone overheard us they’d think we had two dogs instead of one dog with two personalities!