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Sam Scares His Human

Sam Scares His Human

Sam thinks the human tradition of leaving food gifts at the front door is weird, but he’s not complaining.  He’d never tasted honey whole wheat bread until he found a sweet offering in front of the renter’s front door and gobbled down the entire loaf.

Sam was sucking up the last few crumbs of the loaf when his human found him and panicked. Sam knows that humans scare easily. And he felt bad about scaring his human, but not too bad. The honey whole wheat bread was delicious-nothing like his dog food.

Sam belched and laid down on the grass. The lump of bread in his belly was growing, he couldn’t get up off the ground. This made his human really scared.

Now Sam has observed that when  humans get scared they grab their cell phone. He isn’t sure why, but it seems to make them feel better.  It worked this time, because after looking at the cell phone for a few minutes, his human smiled and threw the ball for him…Sam got up off the ground for that.

Sam thinks humans should stop leaving food at the front door, but not anytime soon. He wants to try honey whole wheat bread again.

Sam, you sweet fella…..


Samuel or Sammy?


Sam is 4 months old now and going to school…not literally, but we’re teaching him lots of new things every day.  He responds to commands such as sit, stay and lie down now, but he’s still a little shaky on come.  He can sit for a full minute when I set down his food dish.  Saliva drools down his mouth while he waits…but he does wait until I tell him to eat.

Sam’s two biggest temptations in life are people and food. He especially forgets everything he’s learned when people are present.  So, we create mock training situations for Sam to learn his commands with friends and family standing around.  If you come over to our house, be prepared to participate in Sam’s latest lessons…it really does take a village to raise a puppy.

At a recommendation of a friend, we bought Sam a special collar to help him not pull so much when he’s walked.  Amazingly, the collar has unique power over him.  With the collar around his neck he becomes Samuel- a quiet, obedient and submissive dog.  If Samuel could talk, he’s say, “Oh, master, your wish is my command.” But when that collar comes off, he’s Sammy who might retort, “Heck no, I’m not listening to you!”

When I tell the kids stories about his latest lessons, they always ask, “Was that Samuel or Sammy?”  If someone overheard us they’d think we had two dogs instead of one dog with two personalities!