Sam On A Box

As we all know, Sam has an overactive imagination. He’s pretty sure bad guys, or bad squirrels, will show up in our backyard at any moment.  Because of this, he’s on guard whenever he goes outside…which is a lot.

Sam on a box 2

But actually guarding our yard isn’t enough for Sam. He feels the need to guard the sidewalk across the street… never know when those sneaky bad squirrels might show up, so it pays to watch the entire neighborhood. Perched high on his box, he’s able to view his world, sort of like a king on this throne overseeing his kingdom.

King Sam rules his domain very seriously. He’s no respecter of persons or animals.  He barks at joggers and walkers. And of course, he barks at squirrels and anything that moves.

Don’t tell Sam I told you this, but  I’m not sure whether he’s barking to warn us or because he’s afraid. I won’t ask him. Whatever the reason, Sam feels important….so  we’re encouraging his sense of responsibility. Because who wants an irresponsible dog around the house? 

Good boy, Sam!