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Best Doggone Salsa Recipe



sam-smiles-at-his-clevernessSam doesn’t like salsa. But his humans do and we’ve taken over this blog to share one of our favorite salsa recipes with you. Why did we do this today?  Because summer 2017 is just weeks away and what is summer without salsa?  Not much fun in our opinion!  

Salsa is a staple at Sam’s house. Although Sam has never eaten it, but he has eaten half a tennis ball (Half A Tennis Ball Can Kill You).

Sam’s humans eat it all the time on tortilla chips or rice or salad. We’re as obsessed with salsa as Sam is with playing catch with the tennis ball.

Enjoy the salsa, but sh-sh don’t tell Sam!

Authentic Mexican Salsa

1 can of diced tomatoes

½ red onion-cut into quarters

2 teaspoons garlic powder

1-2 Tablespoons dried red pepper flakes

1-2 teaspoons black pepper

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon Mexican oregano

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1/4 cup canola oil

3-4 Tablespoons of dried cilantro

Place all ingredients into blender. Blend until chopped and mixed.

Chill and serve.












Everyone has that one crazy friend….


Yes, we’ve all been there. We watch that one friend make a fool of himself in front of the whole world. Sam and Mason are no different…try to guess which friend is the crazy one…..

Everyone has that one crazy friend....

Sam Says Never Bite Your Relatives..

Sam Says Never Bite Your Relatives..

Several years ago, Sam met his brother Kingston(see post on August 29). Their meeting was well, a bit rough, as family reunions are sometimes.

Fortunately for Sam, he has another special relative named Mason, a gray and white haired schnauzer pup. Sam’s not really sure how they’re related, but he’s not worried about the family pedigree and neither is Mason-they just like playing together. Mason lives literally in Sam’s backyard so they get lots of time to play.

When Sam goes outside, he alway stops by Mason’s front door. Sam, being an out-going dog personality type, has no problem “knocking” on the door with his feet. Usually Mason’s humans open the door when they hear the racket knowing it’s just cousin Sam wanting to play.

Since dogs will be dogs, Sam and Mason  wrestle around the yard with pretend biting and growling at each other. They both know it’s fake fighting. They agreed to not bite one another-after all, you should never bite your relatives, no matter how mean they are.

Sam Lives With A Pack of Humans…..




Sam lives with a pack of humans. Every dog knows humans are extremely dangerous and hard to control, but Sam is doing the best he can to live with his humans…

Humans can be often downright frustrating.  For instances, one particular human in Sam’s household (we won’t mention any names) likes to rearrange the furniture especially in the main room where Sam hangs out.  Sometimes Sam’s cage gets moved because of the new arrangement.  Sam finds it very frustrating when he’s told to get into his cage and he can’t remember where the darn thing is….

Sam knows that humans should be approached cautiously, especially  little humans who come for a visit. Little humans make a lot of noise and run fast, but usually they taste pretty good when he licks their face.  Sam thinks little humans just need a few obedience classes and they would be great pets.

Sam’s friend, Charlie, lives next door. Charlie is a seven year old Lab mix who has free roam of his two acre property.  Sam and Charlie like to share stories about the crazy things their humans do like accidentally burning a field (definitely dangerous) or falling off a ladder (definitely not smart).  Sam and Charlie agree that it’s kind of nice to have humans around because they’re extremely entertaining.

Sam loves tummy rubs. Sam has mastered the art of falling on the floor on his back at a human’s feet. The human will automatically bend down to rub his tummy–it works every time.  Sam congratulates himself on his ability to teach his humans to obey, without even giving them a treat. Smart Sam…


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