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Half A Tennis Ball Can Kill You


Sam has always lived his life on the edge. Recently, he took this to a new level when he ate half a tennis ball. Whether it was from real hunger or boredom, it was a dangerous choice. After several hours, his human owner knew he was in trouble and rushed him to the vet.

Long story short…it all came out in the end.

Sam has been recuperating nicely. He’s getting lots of teary hugs from his humans who thought they’d lost him for good. Sam is enjoying his celebrity.

He plays up his near death experience with deep sighs and distance contemplative stares into space. He’s thinking of writing his memoirs.

Basically, he’s “eating up” the attention. That’s okay with his humans, as long as he isn’t eating up tennis balls.



Everyone has that one crazy friend….


Yes, we’ve all been there. We watch that one friend make a fool of himself in front of the whole world. Sam and Mason are no different…try to guess which friend is the crazy one…..

Everyone has that one crazy friend....

Sam is a Minimalist Dog


Sam is a minimalist dog. He’s never been materialist probably because he doesn’t know what that is, but also because his early life started in an animal shelter. Sam has a good sense of what’s important. He’s wise beyond his dog years.


Sam keeps his life simple and stress free. His toys include one cow bone, one moose antler and a durable rubber toy bone. Every other toy his humans have brought home, he’s chewed up within minutes, maybe seconds. After all, he’s a minimalist dog-it’s important to keep his stuff to a minimum.

The moose antler is a trendy toy that his humans paid way too much for, but it will last. The cow bone is a classical toy item which Sam’s heard all dogs should have in their toy wardrobe. Rubber bones never go out of style, so he’s set.

His kennel is a light gray color which Sam knows is the new beige. His bed is a deeper shade of gray-not that smutty book-but a perfect coordinating color to match his toffee colored fur coat. Sam may be a minimalist, but he’s still got good taste.

Of course, Sam’s humans take care of all the big stuff like his vet visits and his food. Sam in turn shows his humans appreciation with tail wags and happy dog barks which seem to delight his humans. Sam thinks humans are easy to please, but they’re nice.

Sam wishes all dogs could live life as simply as he does. Life is busy enough with chasing squirrels in the backyard and barking at the joggers running by. What dog wants to keep track of a bunch of toys laying around? Not him.

Of course, Sam knows he shouldn’t be dogmatic in his views… even though he is a dog. He’s happy to relax and chew his moose antler while it’s still trendy.



Sam Says Never Bite Your Relatives..

Sam Says Never Bite Your Relatives..

Several years ago, Sam met his brother Kingston(see post on August 29). Their meeting was well, a bit rough, as family reunions are sometimes.

Fortunately for Sam, he has another special relative named Mason, a gray and white haired schnauzer pup. Sam’s not really sure how they’re related, but he’s not worried about the family pedigree and neither is Mason-they just like playing together. Mason lives literally in Sam’s backyard so they get lots of time to play.

When Sam goes outside, he alway stops by Mason’s front door. Sam, being an out-going dog personality type, has no problem “knocking” on the door with his feet. Usually Mason’s humans open the door when they hear the racket knowing it’s just cousin Sam wanting to play.

Since dogs will be dogs, Sam and Mason  wrestle around the yard with pretend biting and growling at each other. They both know it’s fake fighting. They agreed to not bite one another-after all, you should never bite your relatives, no matter how mean they are.

Sam Scares His Human

Sam Scares His Human

Sam thinks the human tradition of leaving food gifts at the front door is weird, but he’s not complaining.  He’d never tasted honey whole wheat bread until he found a sweet offering in front of the renter’s front door and gobbled down the entire loaf.

Sam was sucking up the last few crumbs of the loaf when his human found him and panicked. Sam knows that humans scare easily. And he felt bad about scaring his human, but not too bad. The honey whole wheat bread was delicious-nothing like his dog food.

Sam belched and laid down on the grass. The lump of bread in his belly was growing, he couldn’t get up off the ground. This made his human really scared.

Now Sam has observed that when  humans get scared they grab their cell phone. He isn’t sure why, but it seems to make them feel better.  It worked this time, because after looking at the cell phone for a few minutes, his human smiled and threw the ball for him…Sam got up off the ground for that.

Sam thinks humans should stop leaving food at the front door, but not anytime soon. He wants to try honey whole wheat bread again.

Sam, you sweet fella…..